Privacy Policy

Who I am

I am Ian Bogue. I run Ian Bogue Tech.

What I do

I provide tech support services to residents of Southern California (to be precise, residents in the areas encompassed by the San Fernando, Santa Clarita, and San Gabriel Valleys, with additional inclusions and exceptions).

I believe in internet privacy, which is why my website is as minimal as possible. However, data may be collected for reasons outlined below.

Data I collect

Contact Form: When you fill out the contact form, I collect your first name, last name, email address, and the state of a checkbox subscribing you to my newsletter.

Disqus Comments: I use Disqus for managing comments on my blog posts. While no data is stored on my server, Disqus requires commenters to provide, at minimum, their name and email address to combat spam. If you choose to login with your Disqus or social media account, Disqus may collect more information. Please view their privacy policy at the link below to find out more.

These external websites serve cookies on my website and/or may receive data you provide:

For more information regarding external websites' privacy policies, please click the link on each website's name. 

Why I collect this data

The data listed above is collected and retained when you fill out the contact form, and is only used for contacting you. I collect your contact information so I can reply to your emails and so I know if you would like to be subscribed to my newsletter. If you do choose to be subscribed to my newsletter, your first name, last name, and email address are fed into MailChimp for the sole purpose of ensuring you receive my newsletter.

If you choose to login with your Disqus or social media account, that information is provided to them, not me. Disqus may sell your data unless you opt-out, which you can do here.

The bottom line

Ian Bogue Tech does not sell your information to third parties. I collect as little information as possible, and only when you provide it to me. External websites and services utilized on this website may do other things with collected data that are beyond my control, including selling your data to marketers.